Your order

How can I find out if I can receive my order?

When receiving delivery from our store in Antalya, our manager immediately confirms the stock information of the products and the 2-day reservation. Your order is ready for delivery. In case of delivery by courier, a notification will be sent when the order reaches your location.

How to extend an order reservation?

If you have ordered products from our store and do not have time to receive them, contact us to extend the order reserve period. The reservation period will be extended in a few days.

Important: You can only change the duration of the reservation once.

How to cancel the order?

You can cancel your order by contacting our Manager before it is shipped.


How can I find out if the product is in stock?

Check the product page.
The information is regularly updated by us. Data about the product is up to date.

1. Go to the product page.
2. If there is an (Add to cart) button to the right of the product image (picture), the product can be ordered.
3. If the product is out of stock, there will be a phrase “Out of stock” below the price.
Plan your purchases, check product availability in seconds and save time.

Как заказать товар?

Order the product by phone or add the product to the cart:
Go to the product page.
Click the add to cart button.
In the window that opens, select Go to cart.
Adjust the number of items in the cart using the “Quantity” Button.
Complete your order: Click complete order.
If you are not logged in, enter your contact information or log in.
Select the delivery method and address.
Select your payment method below.
And click “Confirm order” in the line below.
If the website gives an error, check whether all fields are filled in, including the shipping address.